How We Care

How We Care No.3 Self-Care for Helping Professionals

Episode Summary

Elizabeth and Paul discuss share their best self-care hacks, as well as some of the ways in which helping professionals can neglect caring for themselves because of a focus on prioritising the needs of those they help, and how that can be counterproductive for our own-well-being

Episode Notes

The blog on 'Generosity Burnout by Iulia Trandafir of Useful and Kind Unlimited from which the opening quote is taken is here;

Blog — useful and kind (

Here are some resources developed by Elizabeth around good self-care for  helping professionals

An article published on the Counsellors Cafe website on  10 self-care lessons you can learn from a counsellor'

...and more self-care related resources here at Elizabeth's blog page

There's an article from Psychology Today on Radical Self-Care here,to%20you.%20Do%20you%20need%20some...%20More%20

 If you’d like to find our more or obtain a transcript of this episode, contact Elizabeth via  Twitter at @lizahpool or Paul at Twitter at @paulgoodwork