How We Care

How We Care No.5: Self-Care part 2

Episode Summary

Elizabeth and Paul revisit the topic of Self-Care, picking up from the discussion in Episode 3, with a focus on healthy sleep patterns, exercise, diet, pacing ourselves and finding an outlet to express and release emotions.

Episode Notes

Listeners to our previous discussion on Self-Care (Episode 3) asked for us to cover more on this topic, hence Self-Care part 2, with a focus on among other things, healthy sleep habits, diet and exercise. Although, these might seem obvious things to do, many of us struggle to manage these aspects of our busy lives, especially when we are focussed on helping others.

Here are some useful resources linked to the topics discussed in this Episode

Elizabeth's articles ;

'Pacing for wellbeing, fatigue & post-viral recovery' and 'Modern Sleep Problems:10 Habits for a Good Nights Sleep' are on the page link below

......and three other self-care articles

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