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How We Care No 4: The Benefits of being a Mindful Professional (with Dr Liz Sparkes)

Episode Summary

In this episode Dr Liz Sparkes, Director of Coventry University's Masters in Mindfulness and Compassion, discusses the what mindfulness is (and isn't) outlines the benefits of mindfulness benefits, and the links between mindfulness and compassion

Episode Notes

About Dr Liz Sparkes

Dr Liz Sparkes is the course director for the MSC in Mindfulness and Compassion at Coventry University. Liz  previously worked in the NHS in behaviour change, setting up services for mental health service users. Enabling changes in behaviours such as diet, exercise, and smoking. She also trained and supported healthcare professionals in behaviour change. She has a PhD in pain psychology and is a mindfulness teacher, delivering 8 week courses alongside teacher training retreats. Elizabeth has researched extensively  into pain, mindfulness and maternal health.

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The Compassionate Mind Foundation

Mindfulness & Compassion MSc (Postgraduate 2020-2021) | Coventry University

Other Resources

'Here are some articles Elizabeth Turp has written giving examples of how mindfulness can benefit mental and physical health.'

and here are a couple of book suggestions for further investigation of mindfulness practice

Whereever you Go, There You Are by Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Sane New World by Ruby Wax

About the Hosts

With combined experience in their fields of nearly 60 years …….Paul and Elizabeth are passionate about what they do and the interactions they have with their clients. With guest conversationalists from other disciplines, this is ‘How We Care’! 

This podcast comes from a shared love of their work and fascination with their parallel skills and work issues. It was inspired by the person-centred approach that one helped the other with many years ago, and is now borne of admiration and mutual support between colleagues and friends

Elizabeth Turp is a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, writer and speaker in private practice in Liverpool. Her 23 year career includes various roles in the third sector and 12 years in NHS Primary Care. Working with complex mental health issues, she specializes in helping people living with chronic invisible illness and publishes regularly and runs training on this, and self-care for therapists. 

Paul Gaunt is a Careers Adviser, lecturer and trainer with over 30 years experience. Formerly Head of several university careers services, he is now a  lecturer at Coventry University teaching trainee careers practitioners and has a private careers guidance practice based in Liverpool and online.

If you’d like to find our more or obtain a transcript of this episode, contact Elizabeth via  Twitter at @lizahpool or Paul at Home | Paul Gaunt Careers Advisor  Twitter at @paulgoodwork