How We Care

How We Care: S1 Ep 6 Turning our Scars into Service

Episode Summary

In the last Episode of Series 1 of How We Care, Elizabeth and Paul discuss the idea that as helping professionals our most difficult life events (e.g. mental or physical illness, loss, bad treatment by other people) can be used to deepen our empathy for clients and sharpen our effectiveness as a helper. The How We Care podcast will be back in July for Series 2.

Episode Notes

To hear Bruce Anderson's take on the idea of 'core gifts', including 'passage gifts' (the gifts we can draw from our own personal suffering) have a listen to this excellent interview from Katie Elliott's 'Adventures in Behaviour Change' podcast. 

BRUCE ANDERSON - Adventures in Behaviour Change | Podcast on Spotify

For more on  Bruces's work with the Core Gift Institute, see the website here Core Gift Institute

So much of Elizabeth's writing - links to the central theme of this podcast. See the links below.

Carl Jung's concept of the Wounded Healer is not directly discussed in this episode but was certainly on our minds during our discussion.

What is... a Wounded Healer - Mental Health @ Home (