How We Care

How We Care: Episode 12: The Value of Self-Awareness for Helping Professionals

Episode Summary

Elizabeth and Paul discuss the value of developing and maintaining self-awareness as a helping professional, and the ways in which high levels of self-awareness can significantly enhance our support for those we seek to help. They share some of their own strategies for being self-aware including journaling, recruiting critical friends, and mind-body awareness practices.

Episode Notes

The definition and description of self-awareness mentioned by Paul at the beginning of the episode is here:

What Is Self-Awareness? (And How To Increase Yours) |

Here is an explanation of the Morning Pages journaling technique from Julia Cameron's Artists Way, as mentioned by Elizabeth:

The Chris Argyris article, Teaching Smart People How To Learn,  is here:

Teaching Smart People How to Learn.pdf (

Here are free mindfulness resources from UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre including a 3 min body scan & body & breath meditations: